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Elgi Air Compressor.JPG

Elgi Air Compressor

Elgi Air Compressor Elgi PG 400 – 175

Elgi PG 400 – 175 Diesel driven Portable Screw Air Compressor suitable for Optical cable laying (400 CFM at 175 psi with after air cooler)..

Atlas Copco Air Compressor.jpg

Atlas Copco Air Compressor

Superior access to all service points requires less space around the unit due to the angle of the door opening. Powder-coated canopy to ensure maximum protection from heat & corrosion..

3. Air Cooler for Compressor 1.jpg

Air Cooler for Compressor

Air Coolers are widely used in compressor units to cool down the hot air released from the compressor. The hot air many times damage the cables when they are blown into the ducts

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