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Gowin Power Pack with Petrol engine

GOWIN Hydraulic Power pack fitted with Honda GX270 petrol engine suitable for cable blowing and Various industrial requirements.

    •  High Capacity 9HP Honda GX270 engine fitted in Powerpack.

    •  High-quality rust-free and corrosion-free powder coated

    •  Aluminium Hydraulic oil tank enabling self-cooling of oil while in circulation.

    •  Hardened, heat-treated, and surface coated accessories used

    •  Safety Valves in Powerpack for longer hassle-free pumping of oil with the option to shut down in critical situations

    •  Hydraulic Hose with QRC coupling for quick connect and removal in both blowing unit and powerpack.

    •  Model Number: GOWIN HP 200

    •  Engine: HONDA GX 270 PETROL ENGINE

    •  Engine Horse Power: 9 HP/ 7.5 kW

    •  Engine RPM: 3000

    •  Hydraulic Pump: Bosch Rexroth

    •  Output Pressure Max: 200 Bar

    •  Hydraulic Oil Reservoir: cast Aluminium

    •  Type of mounting: Frame / Wheel

    •  Dry Weight: 70 Kg

    •  Weight with Lubricant: 90 Kg

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