Gowin Power Pack with Petrol engine


3. Gowin Power Pack with Petrol engine
3. Gowin Power Pack with Petrol engine


GOWIN Hydraulic Power pack fitted with Honda GX270 petrol engine suitable for cable blowing and Various industrial requirements.

    •  High Capacity 9HP Honda GX270 engine fitted in Powerpack.

    •  High-quality rust-free and corrosion-free powder coated

    •  Aluminium Hydraulic oil tank enabling self-cooling of oil while in circulation.

    •  Hardened, heat-treated, and surface coated accessories used

    •  Safety Valves in Powerpack for longer hassle-free pumping of oil with the option to shut down in critical situations

    •  Hydraulic Hose with QRC coupling for quick connect and removal in both blowing unit and powerpack.

    •  Model Number: GOWIN HP 200

    •  Engine: HONDA GX 270 PETROL ENGINE

    •  Engine Horse Power: 9 HP/ 7.5 kW

    •  Engine RPM: 3000

    •  Hydraulic Pump: Bosch Rexroth

    •  Output Pressure Max: 200 Bar

    •  Hydraulic Oil Reservoir: cast Aluminium

    •  Type of mounting: Frame / Wheel

    •  Dry Weight: 70 Kg

    •  Weight with Lubricant: 90 Kg